rough lapis lazuli from afghanistan madani 4..
Rs. 20,000

emerald from swat total weight 1900 caret..
Rs. 100

Ruby of Jakdalak from AfghanistanPrice: Request on Demand..
Rs. 0

Spodumene Stone from Kunar Afghanistan24 Inch long2.5 KG Weight..
Rs. 120,000

Penarak & Gabri, 300 years old, nice in natural colors.The Price is for per Piece...
Rs. 3,120

Beautiful White Routile Quartz, Hair Inside.The Price is for Per Carrat...
Rs. 40

Bangash Gems & Co is one of the oldest gems stone seller in Peshawar Pakistan. we have widest range of beautiful gems stones and jewellery, filled with world class minerals from around the globe.

Abdur Rasheed Bangash